Two Faced

Most of my designs will depict togettherness, ‘no man is an island’ they say, just like the Nigerian artist Tuface sang, titled “Only me” he states our community makes us tall; while secret societies break us. Peace and collaboration is what we lack. We are too busy bringing people down with the words of our mouth, with our evil thoughts; those little remarks we make when others try to uplift another human being. When I look at this design, I see love, affection, passion, extending from one person to the other; the future I hope. Don’t scoff it off, this definitely could be achieved.

You see, even when all this great love is being shared, there are still spaces and vacant areas where love isn’t known and unheard of. Two Faced brings a searching of the mind, why do people suffer? Why can’t we help each other? Are we loved? Are there people out there that need our help? Even so, can we be of help to a single person? This is all we need to close up the gap. One at a time, reach out to our neighbor and the person next to us and before you know it, a whole community’s life, a nation and ultimately a generation is changed for the better.

It is unfortunate that life works by what we see, what we want and what we need, how we eventually get what we need defines our characters and personalities. Two faced will give you a choice to make, get what you want while forsaking others or help others with what you’ve achieved no matter how small it is.

I see consistency, a rhythm, a dance, between our lives and that of those people that surround us, proximity-wise or even those not so close to us. I see distance where we should be connected, where it really counts, there’s division. When we move too fast into a decision, we create a space, a distance in the dance with life, a hole we sometimes fall in. TWO FACED will have you thinking deep into those decisions and distances we create for ourselves in our lives…so DO FACE YOUR LIFE…

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