As life goes on, days turn to months and the months turn to years: a lifetime goes by in a twinkle of an eye. We tend to forget the things we have lost, things we’ve left behind, issues, situations, and changes that mattered most to us back then. This design takes you back to those moments that impacted your life and you get a flashback of those times. To me, it’s a time of Remembrance of the days I worked side by side with my father back in my home country, Nigeria; I cherished those days. Even now in this day and age, where life is so busy to have anything in common with your parents, where participating in activities, sports, cooking and so on is almost close to impossible, all I have to do is remember those days when we did everything together.

You see, when you think things are going wrong and everything is not going your way, where on the surface, everything is a burden and a struggle, no job, nothing to eat, no money for basic needs… But in the end, closer relationships are formed with family, and also the most important people benefit from that time when you weren’t working and probably would’ve been buried in all the paperwork. No deadlines, no project due dates and so on and so forth, then family comes first, however if you had a job and everything was fine and dandy, work would come first and family will be on a shaky ground.

Something by the way amazed me recently, when we are in need and in distress, we don’t hesitate to run to church and look for the favor of God. However, when God blesses us and we are “happy”, we “unintentionally” stray away from him. An example is lateness at work which is frowned upon. We are always on time for interviews to impress employers but we can’t even honor the set time to be in church on Sunday, the one day separated for God. Back on the issue of Remembrance, take a time out of your busy schedule and reflect on those days and those moments that help in molding you into who you are today. Were you a bully, did you experience a death that affected you deeply or was it just a dear friend that slowly wasted away, remember how you felt those times and help a living soul today. May GOD help you as you do so.

Time of youth has come and gone, it’s time to grow up and really live, Look back, remember that moment, you ‘grew’ and always cherish the day, there was once a time, foolishness and fear drove me, to the edge of that unknown, which left my purpose in life, rippled, stained and tainted, But now, I shall stand and arise, above all stupidities, casting downs, reproaches, fears and intimidators, till my hopes and dreams lead me, again to my once found destiny.

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