The Unexpected

The expected keeps us standing
keeps us sane, calm and collected
The unexpected knocks us off our feet
knocks off all understanding and reasoning
The expected keeps our sanity at bay
keeps us stagnant, immobile and still
The unexpected knocks us off our mentality
knocks off all personality and analysis.

This life we live in. The different types of people we meet every day, the routes we take on our way about town, the rides we take to and fro, the journey we embark on each day and the troubles we face every day that we overcome anyway with God all make this life worth living and being thankful for.
The expected keeps us in line, gives us peace and rest of mind.
The expected keeps the day rolling, keeps us sane and out of trouble.
The expected keeps us wanting more and keeps our feet on the ground.
The unexpected throws you a bone
then buries it right in front of your eyes six feet under.
The unexpected disturbs the balance
of life and death, illness and good health.
The unexpected shakes our foundation and rocks our stability.

Eat well.
Save money.
Walk steady.
Stand firm.
Sing songs.
Speak life.
Stay true.
Live free.
Play safe.
Shop wisely.
Have faith.
Give freely.
Love softly.
Forgive easy.
Pray daily.
Believe God.

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