In your journey in life, first be broken, be humble, then be forgiving and by being merciful to your fellow neighbors, the rest will be added unto you. It’s a good thing to wait for God’s time in your life. In my everyday activity, be it school, driving, or that moment when I’m about to sleep, my mind wonders and I think about how blessed I really am, I try my best not to complain, God has done it for me. There are some out there that were let go from their jobs, there are some out there who don’t have their health or struggling to live; there are also some who have no money, they don’t know where the next meal is going to come from, there are bills to be paid off but no more resources. I take a couple of minutes to think about these things and it breaks my heart that God loves me loves me so much despite the fact that I’m not perfect. I heard something today from Donnie Mclurkin; he said we tend to think about ourselves too much, greatness does not involve when and what we do for ourselves but what we do for others. Greatness comes when you start to think of others and yourself. I am happy to go to bed today, because by God’s grace, I have a home and a bed to lay on, it was not claimed in the tornado, or in a fire, or flooded, so for that I am grateful, God will provide for you that have no home or a bed to lay on tonight and most all peace, that no man can ever understand in your time of trouble….right now I’m going to bed, so goodnight. Next time…we’ll talk about the PATHS WE TAKE/DECISIONS  WE MAKE

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