The ultimate breakup…

Breaking up with life…what would make a living being want to end their life? the relationship we have with this life is not meant to be broken…the hardships of life doesnt last a lifetime, situations can change…what exactly makes people think killing themselves solves the problem, whatever problem they were having. is it your creditors, talk and negotiate with them, is it your family, take a break, take some days off and just relax, is it your workplace or office, you can always leave, is it your marriage, go for some counselling, believe me suicide is not the way, things will first be very tough and then you’ll see a change…God has a time for everything, a time to make it and a time to struggle; a time to work and a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor; a time to live and a time to die…darling you are loved by many, the world loves you, sometimes when you start to think of the end, you forget the beginning, revisit where you’ve been and where you think you could be and God will help you on your journey…God needs you, your testimony, he needs you alive to proclaim how wonderful he is…God has the master plan, your decisions and choices move you towards your destiny, if not careful too, your decisons and choices can drive you away from your destiny…that is why it is very paramount that you know who you serve that will guide you in the choices you will make that will move you closer to your destiny … stay blessed.

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