the greatest shock of my life!!!

usually, when you’ve offended someone and you apologize for what it is you’ve done, you’re usually forgiven.

 I just got the shock of my life from someone i least expect it from. I usually do favors without expecting anything back, i do it from the bottom of heart for the moment. However, due to some circumstances, i offended a good friend of mine, my so called friend said, after about four days of not speaking to each other, that (1) i wasn’t forgiven and (2) that he’d actually forgotten about me. I apologized and respected his wishes and we said our goodbyes.

  Is there anything i could have done differently? i mean i did apologize and he said it wasn’t enough, he said he felt like he was shot and that he was injured badly and couldn’t recover from the wound. Anyway, i felt like i had to release some of shock by writing it down. 

 The whole day, i was able to get through, i got through making the banner, i got through printing the church pamphlet, i got through going to queens the second day in a row, i got through a lot today and just before i go to bed, i messed it p for myself.  I’ll try and get some sleep now….

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